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Moulding patterns

Moulding patterns
Moulding patterns


Foundry pattern

We manufacture all models for automatic and manual Moulding and core making
Since we are very concerned about quality of our products, each front
Delivery of a quality and dimensional subjected.
Of course, we stand with our instruments for measurement services
ready, which may take place at the customer either at our premises or on site.
Our Mora 3D measuring machine, we are able
in an area of 2,500 x 1,500 x 1,500 mm, for example castings to
presumptuous to tear and documented.

Moulding patterns in wood

On about 1,000 of production space we manufacture wood models of any size andDifficulty levels. We use our years of experience in a particularly
the tools, general machinery and energy sector as well as the
Vehicle construction.
If necessary, the models are assembled on mold plates and complete with casting
and feeding system equipped.
At the customer can in the pattern plates and core boxes, hydraulic
and pneumatic Ejection and Abdrückvorrichtungen be installed.

Depending on the contour nature, difficulty and provisioned documents
the models with us either using the latest CNC technology, or of
a team of experienced modellers prepared in a conventional manner.

Foundry patterns made of plastic

For permanent use or for large-scale production on molding lines
We produce pattern equipment also made of various plastics,
Casting resins, block materials, metal or composite construction.



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